Kangjald - Inirthak
Built8 Temporal 783 HE

Kangjald is a massive lava stone castle overlooking the Foronir river. Constructed by the same fire giants that built Krarthjar, this place is of darkened rock, the best to absorb heat, and follows the Hofthorm style of architecture.

Built into the side of a towering mountain, Kangjald has five great chimneys. One is 500' and half as wide, built to accommodate the flight of dragons. Of the five, three still billow smoke and gas. The other two are in ruins, one destroyed by fire, the other an earthquake. Long has this place been here that Kangjalds Chimneys and their thick black smoke are a guide to travelers. More than just the fumes and gases of burning refuge, smelting, and cooking, these chimneys are the exit points for the smoke of lava and eruptions from far below.

The keep used to hold a devil worshiping cult dedicated to Dispater. This cult was wiped out when the devils they summoned turned on them.

In the First Epoch, another cult of Dispater took control of a wing of this great bastion. These are Dispaters Concubines, an organization answering to an Archdevil on a faraway world. In 959, an exploratory expedition out of Naram-Gunal went into the subterranean chambers of this place and were charmed. They became proselytizers of Dispater, spreading his influence back to Naram-Gunal and outward to Umahanbad's other holds.

Kangjald is also home to dozens of devils, hobgoblins in the thousands, several blue dragons, and rebel Githirmil in the hundreds. The motley residents of this place trade in arms and do mercenary work for any power. The factions in the fortress often go to war and ally with each other to take out the weaker groups.

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