RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded14 Temporal 1209 HE
MapKrein Jusk

In 1209 HE, the Mir'piamauza exploratory ship Trielasog entered the Sea Tunnel. They entered this anomaly and later came out of it when they hit a towering column of water. This water sucked them upwards, out of the Sea Tunnel, and onto the waters of lake Lokzii Ahraan. The Mir'piamauza went ashore, planting the empire's flag of Nine Rings, and establishing the settlement Varrogrith. It grew as Mir'piamauza militarized the area in preparation for a confrontation with the Zeymah'kein.

Varrogrith traded grain and foodstuffs with Viing Prolgiid and Vaknor Gevild. When Mir'piamauza broke apart into city-states, the city had to fend for itself. In 1621 HE, Ashmerthoon sacked the city and enslaved the population. The ruins of Varrogrith were then left to the wild.

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