Varrogrith - Krein Jusk
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded14 Temporal 1209 HE
MapKrein Jusk

In 1209 HE, the Trielasog, a Mir'piamauza exploratory ship, entered the Sea Tunnel. In this inter-dimensional channel, they went hundreds of miles northwest to a column of water spiraling upwards. After a few tests, the Trielasog entered the column, drawn upwards on the River Tongue. A few minutes later, they were floating on the surface of a lake the dragons named Lokzii Ahraan. On the southern shores of this lake they planted the empire's flag of Nine Rings, founding the settlement of Varrogrith.

Varrogrith was the center of operations for a pact between the dragon Tauth'ghourn and the Mir'piamauza Empire (526 HE - 1612 HE). In return for some land and security, Mir'piamauza would help thwart the eastern push of the Zeymah'kein and their Bahamut fanatics.

Around for four centuries, sacked and retaken numerous times in The Burns, Varrogrith's trading partners and sometimes allies were Viing Prolgiid, a nest of Tiamat cultists, and the Kobold city of Vaknor Gevild.

When Mir'piamauza broke apart, Varrogrith became a city-state. Nine years later, in 1621 HE, Varrogrith was captured by the Ashmerthoon Empire. The population was taken as slaves, and the city left to ruin.

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