RegionAerie of Dragons
Class15th barbarian / 10th frenzied berserker
TitleDragon Lord
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceVith Ruus
Born4 Bloom 870 HE
Died9 Hollow 932 HE

Balfroglemis was the first Muneyd'vith, created 4 Bloom 870 HE, in the labs of the Spire of Neld-Rac. After escaping the Spire, he headed east and joined up with a blue dragon named Resalth.

For most of the glory days of the Dominion of Resalth, Balfroglemis was its top general, leading the legions against the Dragonborn city-state Lumnaar Hok. What became known as the Path of Balfroglemis, was cut to maneuver his forces around the enemy's deep defenses in Ag Krenok. In 899 HE, Lumnaar Hok fell to the his armies. Some were ransomed off, the rest became slaves. Over the next thirty years, Balfroglemis continued to expand the territory of the Dominion of Resalth.

Balfroglemis met his end in Feykro Silon. In this deep forested valley, long a stronghold for silver dragons and the Khage, he opened a rift to Chaos. This was done in a most unorthodox way, by dropping a young primordial worm into a Sphere of Annihilation. When the rift opened, two weave spiders reached through, grabbing Balfroglemis and then spraying the area around in strands that hardened greater than steel. Pulled into The Weave, Balfroglemis was torn apart. His master Resalth, scrying on him the entire time, noted in his journal:

They were faster than quicklings, time seemed to slow when they were about to attack and then sped up. Magic protections and contingencies were burned out with each mandible strike. Items of magical nature began disintegrating leaving Balfroglemis in loins and only his great strength and claws to save him. My general made a futile effort against such odds - eight weave spiders against one! It was over as quickly as it started. Balfroglemis was torn to pieces and the rift closed. They detected my scrying into their Web and just as they had drained the magic from Balfroglemis they drained my scrying pool.

- Resalth, from a personal journal - "End of a Friend"

The rift remained open for nearly two weeks, flooding the forest around with entropic energy. This had the result of putting the area's silver dragons and many others in a state of magic confusion. When the rift closed, this effect went away.
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