Ashmerthoon Kobold Archer
RegionAerie of Dragons
CapitalDu'ul Hiim
Dark Woad5%
Alignmentlawful evil
DeitiesKurtulmak, Melrith
EnemiesLum Trumgol Mir
Established6 Lunar 81 HE
MapKrein Jusk

Ashmerthoon is a very old empire. It was founded earlier in the Horgon Era by a kobold sorcerer named Conermorn. She unified the clans by force and established a line of hereditary rulers that lasted five centuries. The empire was established in the highlands of Sendaar Jusk. Late in the Horgon Era, the territorial bounds of the empire stretched all the way to the glacial wastes of Sotiisk'lum. This too was taken after a five year war that brought down the Galirkrad Empire.

Most of the holdings of Ashmerthoon are sited underground. Vaknor Gevild is the empire's trade city. This place is sited in a canyon which joins with the waves of Morwuld Briin. The canyon and the city are dark and shadowy places which suits the kobolds. Du'ul Hiim is the capital. Much of the grandeur of this city was done during the reign of a dragon named Artang-Sund.

Ashmerthoon has hundreds of mines connected by several hundred miles of tunnels. During their war with Galirkrad, tunnels into Adunamar, extended all the way to Sotiisk'lum. The most notable of these is called Lir Qethserigir.

The empire's sea trade is done through foreign companies since Ashmerthoons have never got an interest in going to sea or building a navy. They welcome pirates looking to unload their goods and offer protection to them for a price. The hub of Ashmerthoon's surface trade is Vaknor Gevild. Most goods come to and from this city along the road Staal Strah. This road leads into the Underdark links up with Lir Qethserigir. The latter road serves as an artery road for all Ashmerthoon's holdings.

Civilization Tree
Du'ul Hiim
Bruh Gevul
Vaknor Gevild