CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentneutral evil
Symbolred pincer
DomainChaos, Destruction, Trickery, Tyranny
Born6 Dreamer 8815 GE
Godhood3 Witchrite 621 LE
Mortal8 Kindle 594 LE
Higher Power21 Hollow 588 HE

In the God Era, the worlds of the Mortal Systems were invaded by demons. This Demon Spawn War had two main sides, one of demon lords, the other serving the Quara'tun Covenant. Maglubiyet was a mercenary general that served whatever side that best served him and his goblin people. He came up with the idea of creating many mercenary units, loaning them to whatever force needed soldiers. He hoped that this would end with goblins scattered all over the lands, well suited to their place among the civilizations when the mess of a war ended. One example of this is the goblins that came to inhabit Bowkrak and Hangath. They were part of an army of 20,000, out looking for a side to join. In the black waters of Droonesh, they found themselves caught between two demon armies. Maglubiyet sent envoys out to see who would pay the most for his army. There was not enough time to determine who the army served, or complete the negotiation. Maglubiyet's personal chronicler wrote,

One army served Demogorgon and the other Baphomet. Their demon generals were far from their bosses, practically independent in their decisions. Our envoys never got back. Some demon sergeant or captain saw the colors of their hated enemy, ordered an attack. Demons are like that, command and control difficult unless a demon lord is near.

Maglubiyet liked the idea of overwhelming numbers, but not the idea of a buck private deciding when to engage the enemy.

- Mashur Gúm, 2nd Chronicler to Maglubiyet - "Droonesh, Lost Armies Three"

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Maglubiyet was a well-known goblin hero, a champion of his people. Like the orc hero Gruumsh, he wandered the lands waging war, uniting goblin tribes, and destroying others. Living many times a goblin's lifespan, Maglubiyet prolonged his existence by forging pacts with various demon lords. One that he dealt most frequently with was Graz'zt. Every half century or so, this demon lord sent a Lifestealer succubus to his most favorite mortal ally. There Maglubiyet would take in the powers of the succubus, his mortal existence retrained by age, prolonged, gaining longevity at the expense of the lives of hundreds. It was all a gruesome affair, yet Maglubiyet's followers, and later his empire's masses, saw it a necessity for keeping their great leader alive.

In 272 LE, Maglubiyet took an army of tens of thousands from Kriav to Avalas. Getting to this world was no easy feat. It required a battle and tweaking chance. A warmonger, the first was easy to create by Maglubiyet, the second required outside help. Graz'zt considered getting Lukoon's help, but realized that the was still close to the Covenant's goodly elements. Graz'zt, the brains behind Maglubiyet's conquests, sought out one that could manipulate time, one that could change chance to be a fixed point in time. He made a deal with Chronos, turning over his favorite succubus harem to one who at times manipulates time for his own benefit. For his part, Chronos changed the Avalas War Call from random time and random world, to just random world. Now, all Maglubiyet had to do was start a battle at a set time, and wait for chance to reach them. It took fifteen battles and two years for the Avalas War Call to fixate on another of Maglubiyet's instigated conflicts.

The battle was fought, and we won. The skies lit up with lightning and a deep fog arose from the blood-soaked ground. The sound of battle echoed from ahead. Maglubiyet ordered his legions forward, entering the war-torn lands of Avalas.

- Marz Bulfish, 18th Chronicler to Maglubiyet - "Into Battlfields Eternal"

Over the next three centuries, Maglubiyet created a goblin empire that spanned continents, islands, and under the seas. In the process, his armies destroyed demon idols and shrines dedicated to Orcus; a long-time enemy of Graz'zt.

Maglubiyet's last mortal death happened on 8 Kindle 594 LE. Instead of the soft, yet sinister embrace of one of Graz'zt's succubus, leading to continued longevity, Maglubiyet was withered to dust. He had reached the limit of the succubus's magic. Maglubiyet's death led to a civil war that seemed without end. It shattered the Gob'biyet Empire into warring city-states. To end the decades long conflict, Maglubiyet was made a cult power. On 3 Witchrite 621 LE, he became the god of the goblin race. Those behind his admittance to the Higher Powers, hoped this would bring some semblance of goblin unity and civilization. As a Higher Power, Maglubiyet rebuilt his empire. No longer needing Graz'zt's help, he cut ties with him and other demon lords.

In the Horgon Era, the orc warlord Gruumsh went to Avalas with a great army. He attacked Maglubiyet's empire with a desire to bring down its leader, and hopefully take his divine power. In charge of Gruumsh's military intelligence was a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois. This figure, one who would one day create the mightiest orc empire of Bal-Kriav, found a way of reaching Maglubiyet. Gruumsh took the lead in a very risky surgical strike against the head of goblin leadership, and a god no less. Maglubiyet was careless, considering a mortal no serious threat. On 21 Hollow 588 HE, the mortal Gruumsh killed the god Maglubiyet. With Maglubiyet's end, Gruumsh became a Higher Power by conquest. Several thousand years of worship to one god was exchanged for another. Maglubiyet's first motto, "Might Makes Right", made this transition from one ruler to another, one patron deity to another, pass rather smoothly.