Gruordock - Iizus Yeldah
RegionAerie of Dragons
Built15 Saunas 481
MapIizus Yeldah

Gruordock is a massive fortress built by the Damizdaluk. These dwarven clans built the castle on Inzurakthol's southwestern rim. When the white dragon Amaglothorn unleashed her wrath upon Inzurakthol, Gruordock was thought to be the safest place to go. It was the furthest Damizdaluk hold from Iiz Vaaz, the source of Amaglothorns Breath. In 822, the holdouts in Gruordock, stubbornly refusing to leave their home, stopped sending messages of their status to their dwarven kin at Gulud-Turam.

In 851, a decade after the ending of Amaglothorns Breath, bugbears and trolls moved in. They would sometimes dig a dwarf out of the ice, thawing it and then feasting on the long dead cadaver. A century later, the place was captured by a grimlock army led by illithids. They used the place for raids on the elven settlements on the fringes of the forest Cartáricil.

Gruordock is positioned over a series of waterfalls, which along with many other waterways, drain into Inderch. From the battlements of this keep, one can see far out into the Sea of Mourning. During the hotter months, Inzurakthol's melting snow and glaciers flood Gruordock's lower corridors and chambers. In earlier times, these periods of high water would be kept in check by dwarven engineering.

In 1576, the Cult of Worms sent an expedition into the place to find a powerful dwarven priest that in life had served Rioch Tetrax. They found him buried in ice, frozen to death for more than seven centuries. They promised to raise him, so that he could get revenge on those that had desecrated Gruordock and ravaged the bodies of frozen dwarves. The only thing that this priest had to do was pledge allegiance to Thasmudyan. This priest was raised as a Taln'nazân Monarch, a wight-king.

Today, the wight-king priest Dundamuzâg holds sway over Gruordock. This undead has hundreds of undead under his banner.

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