Saer Erkjorg

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionIce Cap, Troll Bogs
Azwyr Amoruk65%
Eldritch Giant5%
Alignmentlawful evil
DeitiesAbbathor, Baalzebul
EnemiesGadstill Dynasty, Lúthil
Reign1592 LE - 1535 HE

Founded in the Lith-Crillion Era, Saer Erkjorg was an empire ruled by the Eldritch. These giants were a proud people, members of the Thraedli, with legends dating back to the Dawn Era. The Thraedli of Ice Cap learned much in the way of arcane arts from the Lith-Crillion at Miradalêth. After centuries of peace between them, the top eldritch arcanists convinced the military that it was time to take the rest of what the Lith-Crillion had. In 1590 LE an eldritch army out of Frosvirk captured Miradalêth. Two years later, this city became the capital of the newly formed empire Saer Erkjorg.

During much of the empire's long reign, it was ruled by a council of advisors and a general staff. The advisors were usually eldritch giants, and the general staff composed of elite soldiers of the Khaa'khas. The two groups generally worked together when there was a common enemy, otherwise they plotted and schemed to gain more position in government leading to purges and many civil wars across the empire's three thousand year reign.

Khaa'khas is an ancient order of eldritch giants devoted to the dark practices of necromancy and shadow magic.

When the empire's western expansion reached those of another Titan Empire, conflict ensued. They and the Gadstill Dynasty were soon at war over the resources of the Vale of Khalas and the icy crags of Iberak. The peoples of these areas were also seen as resources, mostly Goliath and dwarves, they were desired by both sides as workers, soldiers, and minions.

The shamans and mages of Saer Erkjorg have a long history of arcane and necromantic practices. Their study of the dark art is perhaps the oldest in the realm. It is a school of necromantic practice called Maen Saetild. It is notably different than the Horgon school of necromancy which is practiced today in most areas of the realm. Some of the most terrible and powerful magic items dealing in life draining and soul devouring were made by the eldritch giants of Frosvirk. The first shadow giant of this realm was created by the necromancers of this city. The shadow giants turned out to be very effective at subtlety. They were put to use by their eldritch masters in roles as assassins and spies and formed the militant order Khaa'khas.

The eldritch giants advanced their arcane magic with the help of the Lith-Crillion. First it was learned with gold or services, but later the giants turned on the Lith-Crillion at Miradalêth. Thereafter, expeditions were sent out to find other Lith-Crillion holdings. The eldritch giants would journey far and wide to find the Lith-Crillion, not to murder them or take baubles but in search of magic items and ancient lore. One of the farthest places they travelled to was Arcana. They used great galleys to sail east and then south across Nielalroch. On the isle of Arcana, they attacked places like Felth and Aggda. The powerful defenses and weapons of Aggda were a result of the giant raids.

Saer Erkjorg fell two years after the fall of the Gadstill Dynasty. With no longer a enemy to focus on, they found enemies within. Distant holdings of the empire broke free and internal conflicts tore cities apart. The most troublesome groups of the civil unrest were the Azwyr Amoruk. These people, like most of the non-Thraedli, were treated as second-class citizens, many were slaves. When the confederacy started breaking into components, the Azwyr Amoruk could no longer be contained. They hastened the downfall with their wickedness and unruly disposition.

Ice Cap still holds the eldritch giants. They are a scattered people with petty holdings, specks of a once powerful empire with vast mineral resources and potent magic. Sometimes, one of these petty holds gains enough powerful to muster an army that threatens all those around them. Fortunately for the people of Ice Cap and border regions, these armies usually dissolve after several months or a few years.

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Saer Erkjorg