Platinum Inquisition Malsezilf Klav Sahvot

RegionAerie of Dragons
Period1279 HE - 1290 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

The Platinum Inquisition, or Malsezilf Klav Sahvot in Draconic, was undertaken by fanatical Kriistvrii followers of Bahamut. The goal of the inquisitors was to rid Zeymah'kein of heretic believers in Tiamat.

The inquisition was bloody and cruel, with the main goal of either killing the followers of Tiamat or driving them far from Zeymah'kein. Many of those that escaped, went far east beyond Zeymah'kein's eastern river border Corpse Float. In the glacial wastes of Sotiisk'lum, a place that once fashioned tools for Covenant archangels, Tiamat's followers founded the settlement Viing Prolgiid.