Harkmaer Castle of Death

AliasCastle of Death
Built11 Witchrite 721 HE

Harkmaer was founded in the Horgon Era by Aslauthroa. It was built as a base for expanding their influence and to control the frontier lands of Celedhrel. During one of the empire's internal civil wars, fomorian rebels backed by the Âkhi, seized the place. Since they were small in numbers, they turned to necromancy to bolster their ranks. This gave rise to Harkmaer's other name Castle of Death. A number of wars were fought between Aslauthroa and the undead rulers of this place. These rulers were often quite powerful coming from the ranks of death giants, liches, death tyrants, and draco-liches.

Today, Harkmaer is home to death giants, one or two dracoliches, an assortment of death tyrants and hordes of lesser undead minions. Every few decades, a powerful leader takes control of this place and sends forth their armies to spread undead plagues upon the lands around them.

The place is located at the northern edge of Drenvun. Over thousands of years, the northern part of the castle has partially sunk into the Ulbarinâth bog. This area is a sickening sight with hundreds of zombies, skeletons, and ghouls mired the mud or slowing finding their way out into the swamp. Those who attack Harkmaer often suffer badly in these wetlands from undead mosquito swarms and virulent diseases. The Khazarkar Empire have sent forces against the place to eliminate the vast numbers of undead that wander north into their lands, but after suffering the swamp, and getting repeatedly beaten back by walls and towers bristling with Night Howler siege engines and battalions of ju-ju zombie archers, they have changed tactics, using calvary to ride down wandering undead in lieu of taking the place by storm.

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