Founded19 Witchrite 862 HE

In 862 HE, the Durkoth and their minions came to this area from a distant world. Asleep for three centuries aboard the Spire of Molakh-Búle, they landed in the isle of Gathrot. Along with the Durkoth, were their soldiers, the Hydrocur, and their workforce, nearly 20,000 Sussgurd. The leader of this Spire was Molakh-Búle. He put his minions to work founding the settlement Mulun'nâth, capital of the Abâthigûr empire.

Mulun'nâth at the northern tip of the Maphas-Kas crater. A city-sized ruin, it covers an area three miles long and one mile wide. Built to support mining, overgrown streets lead the entrances of a dozen abandoned mines. One of the most storied of these dig sites is the Cinnuru Mine. The ghosts of this place are why Mulun'nâth has never been rebuilt.

Overgrown and wild, Mulun'nâth has nine guard towers. Built by the Black Tide, they are only garrisoned when work is being done in Bogalc-Nân, or to activate one of the ruins' six Night Vats.

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