Founded19 Witchrite 862 HE

In 862 HE, the Durkoth and their minions arrived on Bal-Kriav. The Spire of Molakh-Búle landed on Gathrot, an island of Necrocrypt. Aboard this ship were thousands of Durkoth and their seconds, the Hydrocur, and nearly 20,000 Sussgurd. The leader of this Spire was Molakh-Búle. He put his minions to work founding the settlement Mulun'nâth, capital of the Abâthigûr empire.

Mulun'nâth is sited along the Maphas-Kas's northeastern ridge. It is city-sized ruin, covering an area three miles long and one mile wide. It is sited along a ridge honeycombed with old mines. One of the most storied of these dig sites is the Cinnuru Mine. The ghosts of this mine are why Mulun'nâth has never been rebuilt.

Mulun'nâth is overgrown and mostly collapsed. A few guard towers are scattered about the ruins. These were built by the Black Tide. They are unoccupied unless someone important takes up residence in the ruins to do research in the underground complex Bogalc-Nân, or to activate one of the ruins' six Night Vats. Beneath the ruins are labyrinths and tunnels leading to the Spire of Molakh-Búle. Ever since Molakh-Búle disappeared, these underground areas have been haven to undead. They are unfriendly to even the Black Tide who control much of Necrocrypt.

The streams flowing out of the Cinnuru Mine are tainted with evil. The evil taint varies in its effects, becoming stronger when a Night Vat is being used. Several of the ponds in the ruins are Night Vats that have been covered over with water. These murky ponds are a haven for undead that come through the Night Vat. The more intelligent and cunning hide in them when summoned, only to sneak out when no-one is around to bind them with divine or magical control. These undead become free-willed, haunting the area or attacking the forces of the Black Tide or anything else they come across. Some have been very powerful and created a threatening following of other undead minions.

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