Izagunbar is the northeastern region of the continent Straiden. It is bordered to the north by the Pearl Sea, west by Karnegmoth, east by the channel sea Salzârrâk, and hemmed in south by the Elephant Backbone. The region is known for its four deep bays, great fjords dotting with homes and mines, and two great rivers so deep as to allow ships to travel far into the continent's interior.

In the Creation War, this region saw action between Poseidon and Covenant forces centered on Rîni. The Sea Titan Wall, something so enormous it could not be built today without the efforts and resources of multiple empires, is one of the relics of that war.

In the Demon Spawn War, Izagunbar saw action between the Covenant commander Mêzelurûs and the demons armies under Dagon. Rather than be consumed by Dagon's Cairn Scythe, Mêzelurûs sacrificed her energy to the land. This created the Terraces of Mêzelurûs and forever changed the growth of plant-life and beasts across a wide swath of the region. This is is why most of the region's settlements are on the coasts, or backed to mountains, or on the other side of rivers, away from the terrors that prowl Zendanul, lurk in the deeps of the inland sea Mizzen, far away from Shathirmun's stampeding herds.

In the Horgon Era, fleeing the fall of Abâthigûr on Necrocrypt, the Hydrocur came to Izagunbar northern bays. Their creations, the Elderaunts took over after they were driven out. Today, most of the region's Elderaunts are citizens of the Tâchpachâr empire.

The Underdark region beneath Izagunbar is called Enjof. In the Graer Breach, most of this subterranean area became submerged in sea water.

Cities of Izagunbar
Sakullêth1372 HE600'
Rîni1971 DE20'
Orra1990 DE800'
Selûn1588 HE500'