Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesGiracian, Ptah
Founded16 Bloom 865 HE

In 537 HE, many Durkoth and their minions escaped their world aboard massive arks called the Helas Vessels. These ships conveyed their hosts across the Void to the planet Bal-Kriav. In 862 HE, they landed far apart from each other. One of these vessels was the Spire of Rioch Tetrax. It landed in the southern reaches of the Troll Bogs. One of the settlements built for the Durkoth was Nagdúrzol. Given the disease, wet terrain, and hostiles on the surface, it proved to be the most livable and successful Durkoth settlements under Rioch-Tetrax.

Though constructed by Dromites, Nagdúrzol was built for the Durkoth. It is much different in design than your normal Dromite hive-city. Nonetheless, those doing the building made areas and passages which were only convenient for those averaging three feet in height. This eventually turned into a lattice work that surrounded the entirety of the Durkoth living areas and the barracks of their Laupha overseers. Though never proven, it is said in one of these secretive enclaves, Dromite slaves developed a psionic disease that led to the Durkoth's mutations - with bodies and minds more suitable for the seas.

In the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the Durkoth abandoned their charges, departing the surface for the seas. Around 1150 HE, those at Nagdúrzol and the surrounding areas went far out into the Pearl Sea to Tyelcirion. Eight years later, all the Durkoth were either gone or dead. The Laupha became master-less. It was a new thing to these proud people. They had no interest in continuing their ignoble tasks as overseers, leaving the slave populations to take care of themselves. At Nagdúrzol, and settlements on the surface, this did not play out well. The slaves lacked medical skills. The Durkoth feared educating them in such matters. They had no priests, with religion only allowed to the Durkoth. Disease, always a problem in the Troll Bogs, unerringly finds its way to Slilp-Urp. For two decades, it took a heavy toll on the population. Eventually the slaves found religion with Giracian and Ptah. The Dromites, once the largest percentage of the slave population, favored Ptah for his psionic ways. While they were struggling to survive, nearly half of Nagdúrzol's Dromites moved on. They joined up with trade ships for faraway lands, or were ferried to the pirate enclaves dotting the Buccaneer Archipelago. One of the most important of these, an incubator settlement for making more Dromites, is Zerot. The people that remained at Nagdúrzol eventually got their civilization going again. They got the healing they needed to treat disease and other ailments from their priests and filled technological gaps by allowing in Gal'palos migrants.

During the reign of the Farinteens, Nagdúrzol became a major trade center for goods destined for the Underdark.

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