Typekobold sub-race
Creation8 Lunar 8541 GE

The Urd race were created by magically infusing kobolds with entropic energy until it resulted in what looks like a winged kobold. They were made during the Creation War by a primordial named Ingu'lumin; who at the time was short of forces in the Narbuzad sector. The Ingu'lumin Labs, deep in Nathol's crags, produced tens of thousands of chaotic kobolds with varying colored wings. The great wing color variation among urd-kind is thought to be a product of the entropic energy used to make them.

The urd race is sterile. They are still around, many generations since first creation, because of still-functioning entropic infusion pools in the Ingu'lumin Labs. The majority of their kind make their home in the crags of Nathol. They continue the fight with the Turkûn; as they did in the Creation War against those that served the Nawirrûs Covenant general Nûl.

Racial Traits
Entropic Touchedmust be chaotically aligned, a change from this most likely results in death; daily Fortitude save DC20
Racial as urd
Common Homelands