Creation1 Temporal 1501 DE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the primordial attack on the Šadullu landmass began with a ripple of entropy that fanned outward for thousands of miles. A remote area of the time, a Covenant garrison on Toomoneth were the only ones affected by this warping energy. On 1501 DE, this energy changed a contingent of wood elves serving under Corellon. They became aberrations, insectoids. The Covenant made some effort in reversing the effects, but with the primordials attacking Straiden, resources were needed elsewhere. A period of insect-level thinking followed, with predatory insects coming to dominate Toomoneth Isle.

In 1805 DE, their humanoid thinking came back to them. This was brought on by a famine of over-hunting. They pondered the churning water and how to get across, some went by using their web balloons, the rest, remembering what they once were, got to work building boats and then planning how to save their race by resource mismanagement. The survivors of this came to be known as the Arachnoids. They spread out across Oralûth and to the jungles of Karterus and Straiden.

Common Homelands