Regulus, home of the modrons
Formed6 Brightstar 751 DE

Regulus was created by Danzar-Khâl and Bruh Kreniik to serve as factory-like world for easing the building of other worlds.

In 4261 DE, intent on returning the works of Creation to Chaos, the Master of Tides attempted to consume this world. He was slain before he could do much damage. One of the chunks of the world that was torn free was thrown into Chaos. Here, it drifted for thousands of years, until it fell through a rift, landing on the world Bal-Kriav. This alien object became known as the Ebon Bedrock.

The Ebon Bedrock is not the only thing from Regulus that ended up on Bal-Kriav. In 1482, a massive clockwork gear fell into the Great Expanse. This alien device is called the Gear Monument.

The largest city of Regulus is the Modron city Ancoph-Glycern. This great gear city is in fact two cities that grew so large that they merged as one.

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