CategoryHigher Powers
Alignmentchaotic good
Symbolsilver star
DomainChaos, Community, Good, Liberation, Magic
EnemiesGoul'lumin, Gruumsh, Lolth
Born9 Bloom 776 DE
Godhood1 Hollow 9194 GE

Early in the Dawn Era, Corellon was a Sentient Creationist. He got this power on loan from Bruh Kreniik, helping bolster their forces to meet the looming primordial threat.

On 4 Bliss 1119 DE, he created the Wood Elf race. He followed this with the creation of different types of fey. His works of Creation started a contest between him and Silvanus; who could make the most crafty and nature oriented fey. On the world of Kriav, this competitive rivalry ended with the Cube Collapse of 1301. Corellon was blamed for using his powers of Creation while tapped into Kriav's Cube of Arcane, overloading it.

A brilliant and charismatic leader, feared on the battlefield, in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) he rose to the rank of Covenant general.

In 2240 DE, using a Sprite as a template, Corellon created the Pixie race.

In 2603 DE, Corellon created the Aarakocra. Purpose built in a never-ending war, they served as fast scouts, and air wings of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), he rose to the rank of Archangel. He also held the Covenant rank of TCC, in charge of all military operations on the world of Kriav. On this world he contested the demon legions under Hezxis. Two of the better known generals that served under Corellon are Lolth and Sehanine.

On 1 Hollow 9194 GE Corellon ascended, becoming a Higher Power. As part of this change in status, he retired from the Mortal Systems. In his place, command was turned over to his mate Sehanine. She oversaw military operations on Kriav for the remainder of the Demon Spawn War.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
CelebriänBeren Ancalímon
Known Powers
Dazzling Swordsmanshipwhen using a sword, at least one attack every round is a critical if it hits
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks