Life Forge

Typedevice of creation

A Life Forge is a vessel for storing life energy and harnessing it for creation. Life Forges were made to create lifeforms. They ease the task of creating them for someone without centuries of experience as a Creationist. Most of their occurred in the Dawn and God eras.

Life Forges are made of glassteel - this is a glass that is hard as high quality iron and only comes about from use of the spell of the same name.

Life Forges are usually 10' in diameter and 2' tall but some have been found far bigger with the one in the Palace of Nine being 100' in diameter. The one in the Palace of Nine is a dead forge, like most others found across the realm. Most of them were used up long ago. Anyone who finds one today would be lucky to keep it for more than a few weeks, for the Higher Powers see these devices of creation as relics mortals should not possess. They also don't want them to fall into the wrong hands. In the past, some have gotten their hands on them and used them for personal reasons. In the Dawn Era, Zhusalax illegally used a life forge to create the Shou race. Another illegal use of one occurred when when Kurtulmak borrowed his master's life forge and used it to create kobolds for the sole purpose of overthrowing her.

Life forges can be created. It is an expensive undertaking requiring rare ingredients. The hardest part of making them is finding the life energy to put inside.

Related Information
The glassteel spell was originally created to harden the glass chambers housing life energy.