CategoryHigher Powers
RaceGraagvrii (Prototype, Evolved)
Sentient Creationist4566 DE - 9259 GE
Symbollizard egg
DomainAnimal, Healing, Plant, Protection
Born6 Brightstar 4487 DE
Godhood1 Lunar 9259 GE

On 6 Brightstar 4487 DE, the green dragon Caesinsjach, a Creationist with the power to create intelligent lifeforms, created a prototype for a new species. It was modeled on himself, much smaller, without wings, bipedal, yet with enough similarities that you could see a dragon heritage. Caesinsjach's intent was to have a specimen that could serve in a number of roles and across varying terrains, including breathing underwater. It was all code named Pogaan Nuft Dopaan, Draconic for Multi-Role Unit. Only one sentient was created in this project; the one that would become known as Semuanya. Thousands of years later, it would come to light as to why Caesinsjach did not propagate the species.

Project Pogaan Nuft Dopaan resulted in something that was good at many things, but not great at any one. Amphibious tests showed that I could not swim as fast as the enemy units infesting our wetlands, and on land I was too slow for any sort of evasive actions, and in retreat if many more were created like me, then we would easily be overtaken in rout.

- Semuanya, excerpt from his scroll - "Origins of Me and Mine"

Foreseeing his own doom, a week before his death, Caesinsjach transferred his powers of creation to Semuanya. He escaped the utter destruction of Vu Kes, and considering his age at the time, was saved by this power transfer, becoming like his creator, an immortal.

Five years later, on 16 Hollow 4571 DE, Semuanya created the Graagvrii race. Fifteen years after that, he created the Viidostor race.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Semuanya's view was that numbers would win the conflict against the Primordials. As such, he deposited tens of thousands of eggs across many systems and their worlds, including one that would change dramatically. Half way into the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), most of what Semuanya had seeded across Piranoths Steps were either wiped out by the demons or serving in the armies of the Abyssal Hegemony.

In the Demon Spawn War, the next great conflict following on the heels of the Abyssal Release and the Creation War, Graagvrii born in what was now being called the Abyss, were fighting alongside demons. Under the demon lord Sess'innek, they invaded the world Bal-Kriav. When Semuanya learned that the Covenant had no intention of protecting what would later becoming known as the region Troll Bogs, he made a stand for his people. His paltry forces were concentrated in sector Ara'phis, while those of his opposite were south in Chen'gom. Luckily for Semuanya, the demon commanders spent most of their time fighting amongst themselves or pumping resources into the demon labs operating out of Aša Ukhan and Aša Abrai. If Semuanya's forces were ever in threat of collapse, they could rely on three Covenant armies stationed at Achamâz.

Semuanya's conflict with Sess'innek was a long one. He was to learn that his powers as a Creationists were greatly limited on an established world; meaning he could not freely create soldiers to fill his ranks on a world already teaming with life. Like the demons and the Covenant, Semuanya turned to recruiting mortals for the war effort. His efforts were greatly thwarted by his opposition's subversive campaigns. Outwitted at every turn, seeing his creations swayed to serve a demon master, Semuanya decided to take the path of godhood.

At first, feeling The Calling, he ignored it. He did not want to take this path, yet realized his own failing. He had ignored his own rule of propagating his species; that is spreading eggs across the worlds of many systems, knowing that some will survive and others will not. The fight with Sess'innek caused this. He made it a personal one, grown to attached to his creations on Bal-Kriav, and did not want to see them fail. On 1 Lunar 9259 GE, he gave up his powers of Creation in exchange for Divine Power.

Simply speaking, a Higher Power can take on followers and gain Divine Power, a Creationist cannot.

- the Rule of Divine Governance

Semuanya is an evolved Graagvrii. This means that he can take the form and abilities of any lizardfolk sub-race.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Evolvedcan take the form and abilities of any lizardfolk sub-race
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks