Uth Alok Sphere 26

AliasSphere 26
Formed19 Lunar 485 DE

Uth Alok, the first world of the Mortal Systems, was made in 485 DE by Bruh Kreniik and another Arch-Creationist named Danzar-Khâl.

Uth Alok is a planet of the Asteraoth system. To a native of Bal-Kriav, the strange fauna and landscape of Uth Alok is a wondrous sight. The landscape is strangely different and the colors of plant-life is lighter in hue and even smell different. The animals are different, in fact everything seems different on Uth Alok.

The Lith-Crillion were the first intelligent humanoids of Uth Alok. They were put on this world by Bruh Kreniik. One of the most wondrous creatures of this world are the Âni. These nautilus-like creatures float the skies of the world. The Lith-Crillion bio-engineered one of these creatures, creating the vessel Âni-Zandân.