Typeogre sub-race

Demacian are a sub-type of ogres concentrated in the lands of Amachan. They came about from Shou captured in the Creation War, and then warped from prolonged exposure to entropic energies. This changed them into a variation of the ogre race with the major distinction being their three eyes, an intellect much higher than your typical ogre, and physical features disturbingly similar to Shou. They are quick adopters of civilization, often becoming like those they live near. Across Amachan, like the Shou, the Demacian follow Geejudan. Their belief of how this should be practiced is heavily weighted to the chaos side.

Some Demacian practice non-martial skills akin to ogre-magi, yet they use their mind instead of the arcane. Most of these psionic practitioners are Wilders.

The three eyes of Demacian provide them with remarkable vision with some training themselves to alway have one eye open and conscious of their surroundings even while asleep.

Racial Traits
Chaotic Mind as Feat
Shou Lineage +2 Intelligence
Three Eyes +2 Spot
Racial as ogre
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