Rod of Arcane Absolution

Built4 Brightstar 1946 DE

The making of this epic artifact resulted in the disappearance of a slither of what was then better known as Sphere 411, a front-line world of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). The maker of this magic item, a Covenant general named Arcana, apologized for the incident, promising to monitor "The Great Gash" of Faeglor. Her attempt to name this area failed, with mischievous rivals getting the name Arcanas Rip to stick.

The mass of earth and rock that once filled Arcanas Rip is now inside this rod. In an extra-dimensional space, it can be unleashed as a torrent of stone and earth, pulverizing foes, and entire units to scrap. Another power of what Arcana named the Rod of Arcane Absolution, is the ability to mimic any other magical weapon.

For the final product, the amount of arcane energy that went into making this masterpiece was such that nobody could use its powers; except perhaps Fog Breaker. Those that tried, including its creator, were blown to pieces as a wave of arcane energy washed over them; fortunately for Arcana, she had a clone ready for this event.

It was the stuff of The Weave, so easily sucked out, feeding perhaps the realm's most powerful, and dangerous magic item. I have no doubt this item will cause more damage than good. Are we to tear apart the stuff of Creation, our wards, the reason for the war, to feed the designs of these super weapons.

- Ptah, from the The Trials of the Arcanist - "Super Weapons"

It was agreed by even Arcana that the Rod of Arcane Absolution was too powerful to use, and keep.

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