Typecorrupted nature abomination

Orr-Krurn is a primordial that roams the broken lands and deep forests of Malurn. In the last days of the Creation War, this tree-like monster was imprisoned in the land of Malurn. Orr-Krurn became one of several primordials imprisoned in this region. In the First Epoch, the angelic magic used on him so long ago was broken by Orr-Krurn. He or it, now roams IghoĊĦai, his mind now reduced to primitive instincts only. Orr-Krurn still carries out his patrol of the forest, probably his last directive before he was chained and imprisoned by the victors of the Creation War.

In the Creation War, Orr-Krurn spent a lot of time at Etteir. In this colossal place he experimented on archons, giants, and anything else he could get his hands on. One of his more successful experiments was with earth giants; leading to the creation of a two-headed giant that he jokingly referred to as "etteirs". An era later, a study of the Etteir ruin was undertaken by a Lith-Crillion historian fluent in Giant. This person changed the spelling to ettin for reasons unknown.

In 2055 DE, he created the Sprite race. They were designed to be fast and evasive, scouts for the armies of the Primordial Lords.

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