CategoryHigher Powers
RaceHalf-Celestial Sussgurd
Alignmentchaotic good
SymbolWarped Coin on Water
DomainCommerce, Courage, Ocean
Born9 Artifice 8317 DE
Godhood23 Witchrite 9494 GE

Zhusalax is a chaotic good goddess of chaos, commerce, and the ocean. She is daughter to the creationist Balthioul and a solar named Hamaliel. Both of her parents died defending the world Throndar from the primordial invaders of the Creation War.

In the Dawn Era, she was a sword archon serving under Athena. In the Creation War, Zhusalax recovered a life forge that had been stolen by primordial agents. Even though this item was not hers to use, out of curiosity she put it to work. On 17 Bloom 8644 DE, she used this life-giving device to create nine mortals of a new sub-race of humans called the Shou. When on trial for use of a "borrowed" life forge, Zhusalax claimed that the first of the nine came about out of curiosity, but when realizing the beauty could be wrought, she made eight more. Danzar-Khâl, the god that brought legal action against her, told Zhusalax that because of her lack of skill in the mechanics and proper use of a life energy, and not being a Creationists, she had totally depleted and thus ruined the life-giving forge. She told the court that the beauty she made perhaps warrants her becoming a Creationists. After the trial, Zhusalax was put on notice that she would be monitored:

... for her actions seem tainted by the chaos that we now fight.

- Danzar-Khâl, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Trial of Zhusalax"

Zhusalax survived this incident, but continued to go down the path of entropy, transforming into a chaotic good solar during the Demon Spawn War. In this conflict, she led the Quara'tun Covenant forces on Amachan. The mortals she created, now numbering in the thousands, played a major role in keeping the demons from getting across the Qibemjues and laying waste to the Shou settlements dotting Gakebe.

In the God Era, Zhusalax ascended to godhood, taking the Shou as her first worshipers.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Merchant Tongue all deals always end in her favor, weighted to her between 1% and 20%
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
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