Warp Matter

Typeentropic energy
Sourcenatural - Chaos

Warp Matter are misshapen balls of coalesced entropic energy that can be a single element or a mix of them. Found all about the Sea of Entropy, it is the stuff used by Creationists to build entire worlds.

Unstable, dangerous to handle, any that touch it are subject to warp touch (Fortitude DC20).

It is cheap and powerful, but a product of entropy. It may help you out in the short term, but remember tree-man that this is raw chaos and not energy that has been turned into something higher and more stable like the motes of life energy powering your staff.

- Tarâk, to Silvanus - "Warp Matter Requisition"

The Decomposition String, a river of entropy coursing through most worlds, carries much warp matter. The World Splitter was powered by five War Matter Cores. When the World Splitter crashed into Bal-Kriav, its warp matter engine sunk into the ground, creating a bore hole descending all to Bal-Kriav's outer core where it merged back from whence it came.