PlaneHestavar of Arcadia
Class20th paladin / 10th crusader
Race Talaxan (Celestial)
Alignmentlawful good
Died4 Lunar 8701 DE

In the Creation War, the primordial lord Talos battled the archangel Zephuros in sector Morteban. In their last battle against each other, Talos brought Zephuros to his knees, telling him to surrender. Rather than yield to this Covenant enemy, Zephuros activated a spell that ripped a hole between Bal-Kriav and The Void. This rift into space sucked everything in the area into it, obliterating Zephuros's already battered army and wiping out those under Talos. Even though Zephuros's death wiped out an entire primordial army, it did not achieve its main goal of killing Talos. This is because Talos had been wise enough to ward himself with the spell Teleport Trigger. This spell activated when he was near death, taking him away safely from a stormy vortex of devastation where rocks and debris broke apart and pulverized everything falling inward. As fate would have it, Talos gained the storm domain from the demise of Zephuros. The pit Zephuros Mark was created from Zephuros's noble.

Noble sacrifice is something done by very powerful good creatures. It is a tactic of last resort, for creating a miracle like what happened at Zephuros Mark is your end, forever, there is no coming back, your soul is sacrificed for the good that will follow.

- Saint Cathandril, from the 14th Holy Scripture of Athena, "Noble Sacrifice"

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