Typefrost giant, primordial
RankPrimordial Lord
Died14 Brightstar 8588 DE

Cari'phis is a frost giant primordial. Her body radiates such extreme cold that even those immune to normal cold are subject to the unholy cold emanating from her. She was the wife of Thyrm, and as such often referred to as the Ice Queen. Before she met Thyrm, she served Piranoth on the worlds of Piranoths Steps. While helping shape the world Ice Wastes, she was exposed to the same dark threads that were seeping throughout Piranoths Steps. By the time, she was captured by Covenant forces, her body had completely changed from that of a frost giant to something akin to a demonic abomination.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), she battled the forces under Danzar-Khâl across the continent Gorejun She was so powerful, some say a match for the Nine Tongue Worm, that it required a crack force of near-divine heroes.

After being captured by the Golden Seven, Ares was put in charge of taking her to the Prison Continent. Instead of this, and for personal reasons, Ares took it upon himself to have her dumped into COA 411, Bal-Kriav's Cube of Arcane. Before the Quara'tun Judges, Ares claimed it was an accident, and that the magical net holding her broke apart from being too close to the Cube's energies. From the trial it is recorded that Lukoon, a fellow Covenant general, quipped:

So you took her over the Cube on your way to Denerra, and instead of going around it? Oh Ares, we need to get together sometime and have drinks.

-Lukoon, at a court hearing against Ares - "The Cube Incident"

Greatly angered by this incident, Thyrm became an eternal enemy of Ares. It is unknown if Cari'phis died from falling into the Cube. In 1801, the heroes of Crimson Eye explored parts of the Igas Region. They came across elite Artaxertus soldiers with her symbol emblazoned on their armor and shields. Whether this is Thyrm keeping the memory of her alive or that she has a cult following has yet to be determined.

Some have speculated that the changing nature of Ice Cap may have come about from Cari'phis being dumped in the Cube. The dark blue ice expansion into this region from the direction of the Cube started about three centuries after she disappeared into the Cube, so the theories may have some basis.