Ownerindependent city-state
Founded30 Lunar 8544 DE

Natar was built in the Creation War by a triton army of the Nawirrûs Covenant. It is like Har Karib, in that it served as an undersea outpost for monitoring primordial activity on the surface and in the deeps of Nielalroch. After the war shifted to other sectors, Natar became a training area for angels and other water-breathing Nawirrûs forces. Here, the tritons trained those who may be able to breath underwater and get around, but were not skilled in underwater combat like those born to the element. Natar is half under the waters of Nielalroch and half into the open chasm Irôchâr Plunge. The underwater part of the city has walls and towers of living coral while that which is out of water is made of the local stone or hewn directly into the rock forming passages linking to the the Underdark sector Khelan.

In 8601 DE, disease-spreading agents of Mephirouth came into Natar's sewers and began making a Plague Gullet. This ended up polluting the area such that it had to be abandoned for nearly five centuries. Natar was reoccupied by the tritons after the Plague Gullet was magically withered to dust. This required such great magic that the half of the arcanists went insane from psionic backlashes released by the dying mass of rot.

In the Demon Spawn War, Natar was attacked by an army under the demon prince Ahnuthall. They came in from the west, taking Natar's upper city while the tritons, now serving as part of the Quara'tun Covenant, held the underwater part. A two year siege ensued between Quara'tun forces and various demon commanders under Ahnuthall. The demons failed to take Natar for two reasons, one they did not have sufficient forces to operate underwater, and second Ahnuthall was heavily engaged with forces serving the Quara'tun general Naraz-Nâru. In 9172 GE, the siege was broken when an angelic army came against the demon rear and practically wiped them out. Thousands of years later, much has been learned of that war, even more so than what Quara'tun intelligence knew at the time, because it turns out that the Demon Siege of Natar was nothing more than a diversion to waste the enemy's time and resources while Ahnuthall's master Orcus carried out the main attacks in other sectors of Brucrumus.

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