Birthing Pond

Typebirthing device
LocationCrillion Comet

Before they quit working, the birthing ponds aboard the Crillion Comet were used by the Lith-Crillion to create more of their kind. Travellers of the Void since the early years of the Age of Creation, they were the Crillion Comet's crew; tasked with monitoring the works of Creation. Travelling the starry expanse, visiting worlds, collecting objects and records took a long time, months to reach another world in the same system, years or even decades to reach another system. Even with the help of the arcane and divine, as a people they suffered medical problems from spending so much time in space. Lith-Crillion records say bone degeneration led to the development of birthing ponds. Some say these devices are much older, ancient technology of the Lost Ages, discovered on some interstellar voyage into the unknown.

Birthing ponds functioned by a pair of Lith-Crillion copulating in a pond of ichor. If the mating was successful, egg and sperm will have joined in this pond where over a period of three years a child will grow to maturity. During this time, the Lith-Crillion was educated by mentalists. Once the growing process is done, they left the tank, joining the ship's crew.

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