East of Drenvun and north of the Sands of Hell is a bay named Hullbreaker. In the Dawn Era it got its name for its deadly reefs, broken hulks, eddying currents, and other navigational hazards. Many are natural, many are not. For the latter, there are thousands of them, the remnants of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) built to protect the bay's coastal settlements. Built by the primordials, some of these are massive blocky structures, looming over the waters below them. Built of tusk coral, they have survived intact for ages, impervious to weather and all but the most powerful of magics. Built ages ago, some are enormous water obstacles that once kept Covenant ships from entering the bay in support of a war against storm giants and other minions serving under the primordial lord Kurrolath.

Today, most of the bay's ancient ruins are overgrown with plants and trees, lairs of birds, pirates, harpies, and host of others. In the southern part of the bay, near Khimilêth, the only civilized city in the area for hundreds of miles, these ancient structures serve as fishing villages, palatial estates, or those managed by Khimilêth's navy.

The bay is fed by the Rute, the Hydra delta, and the red waters of Larildrium and numerous streams coming coming out of the Itinyas Hills. Two hundred miles east the bay in turn drains into the Erethor Sea.

Hullbreaker is very dangerous place for ships. Mistakes usually end up with a ship sinking; this from the design of the primordial edifices, seemingly drawing a ship to it and down ridges where it often impossible to escape. To avoid problems, most ships take on one of the many pilots billeted at Sinnauma.