Ares in battle titan form
CategoryHigher Powers
WorldThuldanin (Acheron)
Alignmentlawful neutral
DomainCompetition, Nobility, Glory, Planning, War (bolstered)
EnemiesAthena, Gruumsh, Thyrm
Born1 War March 1419 DE
Godhood25 War March 9069 GE

Theegans were created in the Dawn Era by the Creationist god Benevolence. They were spread across three of the worlds of the Asteraoth system. In the Creation War, two of these worlds fell to the primordials with one totally consumed by the Master of Tides. By the end of the war, only those on Osâchar remained. One of the heroes that fought to save the world that fell to the Masters of Tides was a Theegan named Ares. He died on the world that the Master of Tides destroyed. His spirit was captured by angels serving Bal-Kriav and he was resurrected as an angel.

Ares came to be a powerful and renown archangel of the Creation War. He served in a crack unit called the Golden Seven. At the time, he was lawful with good leanings. Over several millennia, his incessant desire for war has shifted him to lawful neutral.

Sometime after the Creation War, Ares helped plan and populate Bal-Kriav with mortal races. One of these peoples was a human race that came to be called the talaxans. Some time after their creation, Ares broke one of the divine tenets prohibiting direct contact with mortals.

The mortals will go it alone, and should get not get overt help from the celestials. They must struggle for survival and not come to rely on higher powers.

- Bruh Kreniik, "Mortal Dealings"

Maybe it was curiosity, or perhaps he was enamored by the beauty of the humans, for Ares ended up spreading his seed among the talaxans. When his amorous doings with mortals was discovered, he was kicked out of the Golden Seven and banished from the world Bal-Kriav. He was sent to a different world and not allowed to influence Bal-Kriav until he ascended to godhood.

For nearly a century of the Demon Spawn War, he was Supreme Commander of the Quara'tun Covenant. He became a god on 25 War March 9069 GE. Before leaving the realm of mortals, he turned over his command to his protégé Asmodeus.

When Ares became a god, he was granted a domain that suited his fighting spirit and warmongering nature. Ares became a god of war. Worshippers pray to Ares for valor and victory in battle. Ares delights in the slaughter of soldiers and the sacking of towns. Whereas the followers of Athena may give mercy to the conquered, Ares is pleased if they are put to the sword, claiming that sparing the enemy will only lead to revenge and insurgencies. The first area that Ares took to spreading his religion was with the godless Tungesti of Gathargûl and and Narakthal. When the Tragarans came to Brucrumus, Tungesti zealots spread the word of Ares to them. The area where Ares gained the most traction was the Council of Bile. From the strong churches of this empire, the word of Ares had fanned out across the realm.

Ares is a jealous god. It is not uncommon for other deities to bed with his fickle lover, Melora. This greatly angers Ares, sending him into rages which trickles down to the affairs of mortals, resulting in bloodthirsty battles and wars.

Ares was charged with the murder of Poseidon's son Halirrhothius. As a defendant, he claimed that he saved his daughter Alcippe (c.f. Tempestant) from being violated, as such Poseidon is no friend of Ares.

One of the largest holy sites of Ares stretches from Khilag-Tarkin into the Marrow Fields. The Battle of Breached Pass was fought across these areas. Ares blessed the mortals in the battle and the boon that he placed is still there today. It is called the Parry of Ares. This divine magic gives those in the area greater combat skills and health.

Ares is the patron god for many barbarians of the realm. The Tungesti are one of the largest barbarian peoples that pray to him. The favored weapon of Ares is the spear, so his priests gain a Free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus with spears. As a result of his bolstered war domain, his followers gain a free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus feat of their choosing.

Ares is a War God, and more so than any other god he relishes it. He has been known to instigate conflict among the gods, going so far as working with the likes of demon lords and the Dark Eight, for the sole reason of fomenting conflict. Ares's war desire led to the ranks of his church clergy being named in a military fashion. The highest post is the Citadel Dictum. An individual of this rank is the highest religious authority for an entire world.

The religion of Ares is a military one. Church figures have military ranks and regionally their places of worship have names that designate them as part of an army with churches in villages called garrison, and those of cities an army depot. The Council of Bile, an empire with a powerful church of Ares, holds Bal-Kriav Headquarters. This citadel church is located in Drakhôr. From within resides the Citadel Dictum, top priest-general of all Bal-Kriav.

Priest of Ares are crusaders, templars, battle priests, and other types of a military mindset. Ares does not accept pacifists, strict healers, or cloistered clerics into his armies. Ares's priests are part of a hierarchy that is separate from common worshipers. They have titles that range from Boot Dictums for the lowest level ones to the Citadel Dicutum which is head priest of all the Churches of Ares for a world.

The sword prepares the way for the Word of Ares.

- Sûza-Sin, Helmet Dictum - "Core Doctrine"

Church Hierarchy of Ares
Priest RankNotes
Boot Dictumlowest level priest of the Church of Ares
Shield Dictum
Sword Dictum
Spear Dictum
Plate Dictum
Helmet Dictumhead priest of an individual Church of Ares
Tower Dictumhead priest of a city's Church of Ares
Wall Dictumhead priest of a nation's churches, rarely are there more than 1
Castle Dictumhead priest of an entire region of churches
Citadel Dictumhead priest of all the Churches of Ares for a world (c.f. Drakhôr)
Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Ag EnvokLadies of Castration
BazandaggûlCorps of the Apocalypse
Council of BileGithlarâk
FargimdalMotherland Guard
IcykeWardens of Aspungad
NemegralWhiteblood Legions
Witch Horde
Known Powers
Battle Titan Ares becomes colossal in size, gaining +30 strength, +250 hit points, scoring critical hits on a 19+, gains one extra attack per round, and everyone within a mile is immune to fear and anyone fleeing battle for lack of courage or a break in morale must make a Fortitude DC40 save or lose 5 hit points per round until they rejoin the battle
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
War Preparedgain a Free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focusnone
Symbol of Battlegain a Free Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus with spearspriests