Legendary Mithardir Wolf
FocusSoul Gatherer (chaotic good souls)

In 247 DE a primordial that turned to Creation, giving up the Primordial Mandate, built the first world of the Arborea System. Up until the God Era, Arborea's worlds, all created by the Prime Architect, were wild and uncivilized where beasts were the apex predators. In fact, all the legendary beasts that find their way to faraway worlds, by way of rift or summoning, have their origins on one of Arborea's worlds. It is said that only Arborea has the perfect energy composition suitable for giving rise to one.

The Arborea System has three worlds, Arvandor, Aquallor, and Mithardir. Arvandor is often called the elven realm of Arborea. It has deep forests for celestial wood elves and mixed landscapes for other types (less the souls of the drow, which usually end up in the Abyss). It also has vast areas of spires and mountains that is more suited for those on the wing. Aquallor is the water realm where seemingly endless rivers snake across lands of lakes and ponds surrounded by great oceans. The last is Mithardir, a world covered in forests, home to multitudes of fey and beasts of every size.

Astronomical Objects
NameTypeRulersWeb of Magic
ArvandorplanetCorellon, Sehanine
MithardirplanetSegojan, Zhusalax
Notable Higher Powers