Built19 Temporal 4672 DE

At the eastern end of Hullbreaker Bay is the isle of Hirmolja. A strategic area, controlling the bay's two mouths, its greatest fortress is Sinnauma. Built during the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Nawirrûs Covenant put it in a spot to control the southern, more navigable lane into the bay. It also had the purpose of protecting a shrine, the Pyramid of Anubis, then being built for a fallen Covenant hero.

With great sloped walls, seamlessly merging with reefs, an array of unnatural obstacles, Sinnauma became a thorn in the side of any hoping to get into the bay. It has long been considered too costly to take. In recent times, attackers with sights on Khimilêth, normally the Khazarkar Empire, use a containment strategy rather than dealing directly with this coastal bastion and her crack artillery crews and cannon batteries dotting the sloped walls behind movable screens, casements and magical defensive wards that have remained in effect since the time of the Creation War.

Around of the time of the founding of Khimilêth, Sinnauma was seized, cleared of pirates and other threats. Today, in addition to its large garrison and war ships, it is where wise sea captains pick up pilots for any sort of movement into perhaps the most treacherous bay on the planet.

Civilization Tree
N. Covenant