Creation War

Period1486 DE - 8777 DE
Primordials VS Nawirrûs Covenant

The Creation War was a conflict between the primordials and those supporting the work of the Creationists. In this massive conflict, spanning systems, Higher Powers and their angelic and mortal armies fought against the primordials and their armies of chaos archons, chaos abominations, giants, and chaos infused mortals. This last group were mortal races that were made by the primordials to supplement their armies; much in the same way that the Covenant employed mortal races to bolster their ranks.

Often built from raw energies of Chaos, worlds and systems can take on a life of their own. When one goes too far to the extreme, it becomes a place of ultimate perfection or ultimate destruction. The demons that captured Piranoths Steps seek to make it an abyssal pit of absolute chaos and evil, while the angels having done their good deed, making the Mortal Systems a realm of some harmony, and already well on their way to making the Nawenglorûs system a place of beauty and perfection ... or at least according to their own ethical and moral perspective. This is exactly what we did not want to happen and why we started this great war - to keep creation out of the hands of those who would bend it to their will.

- Piranoth, from the Hirstyr Signir - "World Making"

The primordial invasion of Nawirrûs began with the opening of rifts, linking Chaos with other systems. The reason for this invasion was to undo Creation. They would defeat the defenders, then send in world destroyers like the Master of Tides and the Nine-Tongued Worm. The first system to fall was Bru'tuld. It was destroyed by something even bigger than the aforementioned, yet died in the process of destroying the system's star.

On 1 Temporal 1501 DE, living up to its other name, the World Destroyer, began its attack on Sphere 411. In this opening battle the continent Šadullu was shattered, then lifted aloft towards the World Destroyer's gaping maw, a one-way rift back to the Sea of Entropy. The goal was to do the same thing that befell Vu Kes, the complete destruction of Sphere 411, sucking it all back to where it began. Sphere 411, today known as Bal-Kriav, was a front-line world of the war. As a result, it has many area with relics, ancient imprisoned creatures of the Dawn Era, and other remnants of an epic war that raged for a very long time. One of the largest battlefields of the war happened at Regadnîn. Constructs, living spells, and other terrors from this ancient battle still roam this wasteland. In the bleak landscape of Gorejun, north of Malurn, travelers can encounter minor primordials left over from the Dawn Era. Some of these terrors are imprisoned in crystalline mountains, magical glacial ice or buried under tons of rock. One of those that still wanders this land is the treant-like terror Orr-Krurn.

There are a number of areas on Bal-Kriav that served as godly and primordial abodes, bastions, supply depots, and others things to feed, protect and arm the masses. Achamâz is believed to have served as a hospital for wounded angels. Rah Burdah was an area that saw the birth of a colossal hecatoncheires. This monster was so mighty that even the gods feared it. It alone, tore through the primordial's defenses and then ran amok behind enemy lines, ridding entire worlds of primordial influence and slaying a multitude of archons and several primordials.

The eldritch giants, perhaps the oldest race of the realm, are one of the best sources of history for the Creation War. They fought with the primordials, then found themselves left behind like so many others with the primordial's defeat.

In this northern area of Izen'nâth are the eldritch giants of Thraedli. These giants claim to be the oldest people of Bal-Kriav, with bloodlines tracing back to before the Creation War.

- Phoslomor, "The Thraedli"

Another more readily available source of information for this war and doings of the angelic armies are the Scrolls of Dawn. Some of the primordial's kept detailed records of the Creation War. Their best historical archive is the Hirstyr Signir.

The Creation War lasted over six millennia with countless battles and millions upon millions killed. It spanned several systems and dozens of worlds. Worlds were destroyed, sucked back to Chaos. Even with such epic scale and losses, the Nawirrûs Covenant prevailed, bringing into existence many new worlds and species. The war also had its share of champions on both sides, the Golden Seven, and others that would go on to become Higher Powers.

The side effects of the war caused to other wars, the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), and then the Demon Spawn War.