Kirograne Kesserine

the first hagunemnon - Kirograne
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Died16 Brightstar 1510 DE

Kirograne, Kesserine to many, was a master of deception. Her power was so great that she could fool any intelligent creature into believing she was something different. Her powers of trickery were such that she could smother her inner chaos and change alignment for a time, once only returning to the embrace of chaos after centuries.

Early in the Dawn Era, she pretended to be an angel born of the Well of Afterlife. This well at the entrance of what would become known as the Nawenglorûs system, is reputed to be the place where the first angels came into being. She was able to enter the Well of Afterlife only after she came up with an elaborate plan where she would change alignment, have herself killed, and then as a lawful good soul be drawn to the Well where she would be reborn as an either a lawful good archon or angel. Her inner power was so great, that she became an angel.

Kirograne, now the archangel Kesserine, went to serve Benevolence. She protected him from the primordials and their minions while he used the raw energies of Chaos to create worlds.

Slowly over four centuries, the chaos inside her began to strengthen, but even the greatest of gods could not detect it. Benevolence fell in love with her and together they created nine godlings. Each of these sons and daughters were greatly different in their alignments, so much so that Benevolence recorded in one of the rune monoliths of Suldaan Mithil a description of each of their temperaments which mirrors the tenets of each of the nine alignments. Benevolence questioned how his children could be so different, and that he may have been tainted by chaos. This idea of him being tainting by chaos was planted in his mind by Kesserine. She convinced him that his close contact with the energies of Chaos were having side effects. This caused him to rethink what he was doing, resulting in him slowing down his works of creation, and often being berated by other creator gods like Bruh Kreniik and Danzar-Khâl. The most lasting effect though, was the creation of nine children of differing alignments. The evil ones were the first to leave the family, often having to be chased off because of their sinister schemes and deeds.

Benevolence was one of the Creationists. He was a Tier 2 Creationist which gave him the power to create worlds. The Creationists created worlds by siphoning energy from Chaos. A process that attracted the jealousy and wrath of the primordials, resulting in the Creation War.

In 1510 DE, Kesserine could no longer contain the chaos in her. It forced her to shift back to her true alignment, and true form - a hagunemnon. She was forced to change right in front of her husband. Benevolence was stupefied at what he was witnessing, giving the primordial Kirograne enough time to open her gates to Chaos and began a great battle inside the halls of Suldaan Mithil. Benevolence flew into a rage, willing into existence an army to combat the hordes spilling out of the realm of entropy. It only took a day to crush his former wife's primordial horde. When he found Kesserine, Benevolence easily overcame his ex-wife's defenses and skewered her on his great trident. Her dying words which can be seen burned across the stones of the Clouds of the Dead God are:

The seeds have been planted, nine born with blood of half law and half chaos.

Kirograne was the first hagunemnon. She spawned innumerable lesser hagunemnon when she resided in Chaos. Among the hagunemnon, she is referred to as Kirograne the First.