RegionTroll Bogs
Founded7 Saunas 4444 DE

Early in the Creation War, mortals had not the numbers or strength to fight the great armies of the primordials. The Nawirrûs Covenant built Andibutt as a refuge for mortals of northern Ara'phis and southern Narbuzad. During the war, it was a heavily garrisoned place with an entire army of angels garrissoned there when not under threat. In times of siege or conflict in the sector, it and the flood plains around it could witness several armies numbering 200,000 soldiers. Andibutt, one of the Mortal Refuges of Bal-Kriav, changed hands several times in a war spanning over 6,000 years. The place is of monstrous proportions with sloped walls for the first 100' then rising another 200' with fighting decks at intervals of 50'. The towers are equally immense, being squat-like structures of concrete and rebar. The heights of these places vary considerably so that if one was taken there would be good chance that it could be fired down upon by another higher tower near it.

By the middle of the Creation War, Andibutt's mortals were fighting alongside Covenant soldiers. Since the Creation War spanned not only the world but the entire Nawirrûs system, people taken from Andibutt as army recruits often became the first mortal coloniziers of distant regions and continents.

In 8409 DE, agents of Mephirouth entered the city's sewers and turned it into a breeding and incubation area for green slimes, deadly molds, black puddings, otyughs, and rats of all caliber. The sickness that came from this first Plague Gullet got so bad that the city was fired and then abandoned in 8419 DE. Disease outbreaks continued in the ruins into the Demon Spawn War; the conflict that followed on the heels of the Creation War. As such, the place was generally avoided by even the demons.

Mephirouth, seemingly unkillable with his ability to transfer his conscious on a whim, is thought to be long gone from the area, yet disease is still a hazard here. The bones of sturdy creatures, such as dragons, have been found here in their lairs with no wounds on their bodies leading some to believe that the area is unsafe to take up residence.

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