Azu'tzor Sphere 2

AliasSphere 2
FocusUnholy Energy
Formed3 Temporal 3 DE

This world was one of the many created by Piranoth in a period of history known to those doing the work of building worlds as the Age of Creation. It was a world largely unpopulated, unnamed, just one of hundreds spun out of Chaos by a being acting on free-will, spontaneity, and randomness. For centuries, it was kept hidden, by sheer will its maker kept it masked from other Tier 1 Creationists like Bruh Kreniik. Piranoth did this because he hoped to contain a corruption seeping through it; what would become known as the Threads of Damnation.

This world became known as Azu'tzor in the Abyssal Release. It served as a marshaling and training area for armies under a demon lord named Ahnuthall.

Today, this abyssal world is claimed by the demon lord Orcus.