Typecolossal giant
TitlePrimordial Lord
Alignmentchaotic neutral
BirthplaceSea of Entropy
BornLost Ages

Piranoth, a primordial Arch-Creationist, is best known for making the system of worlds called Piranoths Steps. He also created three of the four base giant races - fire, frost, and storm. His son Hettar, would go on to create the earth giants. In the Creation War, these giants would battle alongside chaos archons and a host of other minions serving the primordials.

Piranoth is one of the oldest and most powerful of all the primordials and far older than any god. In the Dawn Era, Piranoth was leader of fifty legions of giants. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), his forces battled the very gods over the fate of many worlds. It wasn't what he wanted to be doing, so he was often found far from the battlefields, or even working on some aspect of Creation. This left him out of a lot of the war, but to make up for it he sent the majority of his forces to the theaters of conflict. Lightly held like this, it would eventually fall as the demons rose up in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE).

Two of his favorite siblings, actually creations, were the titans Geb and Hettar. These two primordials were opposites in many ways and always at odds with each other, yet proved invaluable in the Creation War.

Piranoth was staunchly against infanticide, so much so that he even spared those that his uncanny future sense showed him would in all likelihood be a future problem. In his son Gabin Kûn he foresaw not the problem, but something that would be the seeds of rebellion.

The future, for me hazily predictable, is always changing, especially when you willingly act to change things. The results are sometimes much worse than if you had just left things alone.

- Piranoth, etching on the Foundation Monolith - "Demon Seeds"

Gabin Kûn was so problematic that his father sent him deep into Piranoths Steps to build a forge, and basically to keep him busy and out of his affairs, and out of the affairs of other primordials that might not be so forgiving. His son built the great hold Naratyr and followed in his father's footsteps of fathering many progeny. Many of those born to him were the "seeds" that would rise to lead the Abyssal Release and turn Piranoths Steps into the Abyss.

Another of Piranoth's sons is Thyrm. This frost titan never met his father, with him being born to one of Piranoth's discarded and forgotten concubines.

Piranoth wrote a number of magical tomes, with the most powerful being the Shift Tome.

Piranoth is currently imprisoned in a throne called The Final Step; wherein he serves the upstart primordial lord Drachmon.

Known Powers
Precognition Piranoth has the ability to see into the future with 27% success