Typedwarf sub-race
Creation12 Brightstar 8485 DE

The azer are dwarves that were magically mutated from prolonged exposure to Cruharr's deep rocks. This travesty came about when the Armarek Legion captured elements of the Azer Army serving under Danzar-Khâl. The azer prisoners were taken deep into the bowels of Bal-Kriav's Underdark. They were transported on barges along the lava river Surturs Artery and then to Cruharr's toxic mines. The exposure to Cruharr's deep rocks caused them to become immune to fire and take on aspects of elemental fire - most commonly this shows on azer as flaming hair and beards. The slaves eventually forgot their language, "re-educated" to use Giant like their fire giant overlords.

At Cruharr, one of the daughters of Surtur, the cunning Ingelix, came up with the idea of assigning Furrouth as slave masters and work overseers. After several centuries of toil under these wicked efreet, the azer came to hate them more than the fire giants, and over time forgot that the fire giants were the cause of their plight.

As one of the stipulations of the Felakgathar Contract, Cruharr was sealed off after the Creation War. The azer were freed, and the Furrouth were sent to work on the Endless Wall. Since gaining their freedom, the azer have spread across the realm and can even be found living in fire giant empires with little knowledge of their distant past.

Racial Traits
Deep Rock Hardened born of exposure to deep rock thereby making them immune to its effects
Racial as azer