Great Fey Circles

Naramindan, builder of the Great Fey Circles
RegionHigh Wood Country
Built14 Bloom 2318 DE

The Great Fey Circles were created early in the Dawn Era; roughly a century after the formation of the world Bal-Kriav. They were made by the fey angel Naramindan; one said to have had a mastery of nature magic and understanding of Nature Energy that has never been rivaled.

The Great Fey Circles are areas of concentrated nature energy. In the Creation War and then in the Demon Spawn War, they were used to create armies of fey. This was done by drawing upon Kriav's nature energy and either outright creating lifeforms like a Creationist, or by transcending natives. This transcending, or infusing a creature of life energy with a large amount of nature energy, was the preferred method of forging new soldiers because using the Great Fey Circles to create life was deemed an illegal act unless being done by an actual Creationists. Perhaps from overuse, some of them became unstable leading to permanent links between the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav. These links are generally known as feywild fuses.

The group Einglach was formed to protect the Great Fey Circles and the area around them. This includes the forest Feyrise and the flowery plain Lócorandë. Some of Einglach's members served with Silvanus as part of the Hedge Legion. When the gods and angels left with the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), these creatures remained and grew quite powerful over the epochs. It is this reason, along with the nature power supplied by the Great Fey Circles that allows there small numbers to beat back threats from the likes of Antokepf, Angrod, Kagaar's Viidostor, and Tamoroc's bloodthirsty Jara.

Great Fey Circles are roughly a mile in diameter. There is no physical structures that gives away there location. The most obvious way to know that you have entered them is seeing an abundance of nature - animals, insects, and plant-life. For those of the druidic arts, nature magic cast inside of these Circles is much stronger and harder to resist.

Great Fey Circles are Focuses for Nature. This means that all nature magic cast has a +2 DC and spells are treated as three levels higher. Also, summon animal spells and similar nature-oriented summonings always result in the maximum number of creatures appearing.