Built29 War March 1498 DE
Destroyed29 Lunar 1501 DE

Tiwa'erra was a flying fortress built by armies of a Covenant general named Ptah. It was built to serve as an air defense for zones threatened by the Primordials. On Sphere 411, it saw action in the battles of Regadnîn and at the Bulwark of Târulûth.

During the construction of the place, Ptah's architectural plans and drawings were copied by Lukoon. This theft was only learned after a military unit of the Nawirrûs Covenant was wiped out by the Womb of Entropy. This primordial bastion was too similar in design and purpose to been have made by chance. The Womb of Entropy was built as a vessel for containing magical energy, similar to how Tiwa'erra was built to act as a psionic receptacle. It wasn't long till Lukoon came forward and admitted that he had made a copy of Ptah's plans for Tiwa'erra, but then lost them in battle with the primordial Sarseg. When Ptah learned of this, he motioned for a censure of Lukoon and have him put on a trial for treason. Fortunately for Lukoon, the god Bal-Kriav said that there was no time for tribunals during a war and moreover Tiwa'erra was never classified as a military asset of the Nawirrûs Covenant. He went on to say that the matter should be settled amicably after the primordials are defeated. Ptah has never forgiven Lukoon for the Tiwa'erra Incident.

In the Battle of Šadullu (1501 DE), Ptah took his fortress to the continent of Šadullu. In the skies above this place, Tiwa'erra served as a field hospital and a place of refuge for battle-worn angels. During the battle, angel scouts under Lukoon learned that all enemy ground troops of the continent had been pulled out. The only primordial forces that were left were those that could fly. These air units intended to hem in the ground forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant and prevent their escape from Šadullu. After learning of this Ptah was tasked with helping them break out of the zone and make for ships heading to Oralûth.

Your asking me to sacrifice both Tiwa'erra and possibly myself. This I will do, but I'm going out with a big bang, so make sure our people escape the zone, Sir.

- Ptah, to Supreme Commander Bal-Kriav, - "Sacrificing Tiwa'erra"

In the final days of the great battle of Šadullu, Tiwa'erra was assaulted by an entire army of storms archons. Led by the primordial mastermind Eysveig, this elemental army overwhelmed a legion of psionic constructs and golems. Ptah's trap was sprung. When they got near Tiwa'erra's Core, Ptah dropped the containment field holding in all the psychic energy stored in the bastion's walls. The wave of energy was drawn towards the Core like a magnet. It tore apart Tiwa'erra, with shards becoming like razor sharp glass, chunks of walls and floors, all tumbling downward, and ripping through enemy forces. Before it reached the Core, Ptah used a powerful psionic power called Split Time. He split the current time-line into two and then brought them back together at the point where debris was tumbling down and then being blown outward as the poles of the Core shifted. The two debris fields from different time-lines smashed into each other. This alone killed the entire archon force inside Tiwa'erra. This explosion was only the start of total destruction of an entire primordial army and their leader. For when the two time-lines diverged and then merged back onto one, a tremendous explosion occurred over Šadullu. It was so powerful that it was heard on Oralûth. The shock wave ruptured the organs of all those present. This was followed by countless filaments of time which either withered the shattered bodies to dust or reduced them to primordial goo. Tiwa'erra, nearly the size of a mountain, was destroyed, yet countless shards of it were left undamaged. These Shards of Tiwa'erra rained down across Midrêth and Ninilêth. Tiwa'erra Core was also left unscathed. The blast blew it from the world Bal-Kriav and into the Void, and then moving at an unthinkable speed it shifted to another multiverse. Inside this fast moving object was its passenger, Ptah.

The destruction of Tiwa'erra also resulted in Ptah's many Spheres of Annihilation being crystallized with quintessence. Like the Shards of Tiwa'erra, these spheres were blown across a vast area.

Ptah saved two armies and will be remembered with a monument befitting a hero. I will build this by my own hand, and we that have driven back the Nine Tongued Worm will raise monuments for those that fell on Šadullu.

- Danzar-Khâl, to the Covenant survivors on Oralûth - "Remembering Šadullu"