RaceEldritch Giant

Thraedli is a grouping name for the families of eldritch giants with bloodlines dating back to the time of the Creation War. They like to claim they were the first truly intelligent race to grace the world Bal-Kriav. Since that time long ago, when they served as soldiers of the Primordials, the Thraedli have spread across Brucrumus.

Eldritch giants come from a different time - an earlier age when the primordials sought to undo the god's making of worlds. Although fashioned from fire, stone, and storm, the primordials' wondrous creation was heavily infested with magic, and the eldritch giants aided their primordial lords in the world's formation. Although their powers have ebbed since those days, eldritch giants remember their ancient mastery of magic and forever seek to regain it.[1]

For a time during the Titan Era, the Thraedli of Gulfrek Hjard provided arcane learning to knowledge seekers out of Mir'piamauza. Some say that the eldritch giants intentionally provided them with the tools to bring upon their downfall. The Thraedli taught them ancient spells and gave them tomes of arcane lore that had all but been forgotten.

In the icy wastes of the Ice Cap, is another group of Thraedli. They were at first students of the Lith-Crillion. The more they learned from them, the more they realized that the Lith-Crillion may be the holders of the last vestiges of knowledge lost to them when the primordials retreated. For almost a century, they worked for and learned from the Lith-Crillion, then they attacked them and captured MiradalĂȘth. After they formed Saer Erkjorg, the eldritch giants continued to scour the lands for holdings of the Lith-Crillion.

The Thraedli of Frosvirk were responsible for reviving an ancient form of necromantic magic called Maen Saetild. This magic would lead to the devastation of Frosvirk and the creation of the first boundary ward.

Notable Personages
Jofgror Odving

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