Suldaan Mithil Scion Steps

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesScion Steps
Built9 Witchrite 1510 DE
MapsLok Gevild

Scion Steps, better known today by its dragon name Suldaan Mithil, is a massive structure near the eastern edge of the Aerie of Dragons. It was built in the Dawn Era by a Creationist named Benevolence.

Benevolence created this unimaginably large structure around the base of a mountain and rising in rings all the way to the top. There are nine fortresses ringing the mountain - each of these bastions was named after one of his children. These fortress rings are anywhere from 1500' to 2,000' apart in elevation. Benevolence created this monolithic wonder with divine will, its speed in construction only limited by his imagination. He built what he called Scion Steps as a gift to his wife Kesserine.

Scion Steps was to be Benevolence's crowning achievement on a world then known only as Sphere 411. Once it was done and lived in for but a month, the two planned to leave for the Void and continue the tasks of creation - forging life out of the energies of Chaos. Kesserine and her husband spent only one night together in this place. The same night it was gifted to her, she revealed her true form to her husband as the primordial Kirograne. A monumental battle ensued between the two across the nine fortresses of Scion Steps, with each willing into existence armies to battle each other. It took only a day though for this fight to come to conclusion with Benevolence striking down the Betrayer. The battle they fought in Scion Steps wrecked many areas. It was abandoned, becoming a ruin until the next era.

In the God Era, the place became the headquarters of Tiamat. She was the one who renamed it Suldaan Mithil. She had tens of thousands of her minions rebuild parts of the nine fortresses, though lacked the resources to bring it back to its ancient splendor. If the legends are true, Tiamat became obsessed with restoring the place during a time when she should have been focused on battling Bahamut in the First Dragon Wake. It was not till the damaging dragon raids by Bahamut's forces did she give up on rebuilding and fully commit herself to war.

When the gods left Bal-Kriav to the mortals, Suldaan Mithil was again a ruin. Over the ages since then, nobody has been able to lay claim over the place completely, not even Tiamat and her great army. This is mainly because to reach the various fortresses, you must be able to fly, or be willing to go up many miles of stairs and ramps. The stairs and ramps were added during the time of ownership by Tiamat. They were added so that her ground troops could better defend the place and garrison the nine separate fortresses spread across an entire mountain. Even then, she lacked the troops to completely cover the miles of walls and towers on each level:

This place was willed into existence by a creator god who had no intention of staying here or ever using it in war. It was conceived of as a gift, possibly even to awe those that would come after with them looking upon it and knowing what separates puny mortals from Gods!

To properly defend Suldaan Mithil, would require an army of a half million. It covers such a large area and so intricate and grandiose that anything less than the powers of a Creationist, would require centuries to build it and be beyond even the greatest empire's resources.

- Tiamat, from her tome on Suldaan Mithil, chapter "Nid Qua Suldaan Mithil"

Anyone who seeks to hold the place must take the top level or hope that nobody takes a level above them, because successive tiers have an advantage over those under them. This comes in the way of having to attack up hill, by way of narrow stairs that are death traps for any but the most battle-hardened veterans.

Today, the place is the abode of dragons, chimera, and any other creature seeking refuge in a one of nine vast fortress ruins. There have been numerous groups that have explored the place over the ages. The accumulation of adventurer maps on Suldaan Mithil show that less than 20% of the place has been explored. A few bold adventurers have went into Suldaan Mithil looking for the Volfdir Jollrod - a primordial relic best left forgotten.

Rings of the Scion Steps
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