Cube Collapse

Kriav's Cube just before implosion
Period19 Bloom 1301 DE

When the world Kriav was created by archangels Bal-Kriav, Corellon and others, they sought to fortify it with magic. They wanted a source of magic to draw upon against any possible incursions by the primordials.

From the primordials' perspective, when worlds and new realms were created, they saw this as divine powers stealing the essence of Chaos and using it to create areas of stability and order.

- Danzar-Khâl, "Primordial View of Creation"

On Kriav, the Grand Arcanes forged a device to draw magical power from the Web of Magic. This device, just like the one on the world Bal-Kriav, is a massive object called a Cube of Arcane. The one built on Kriav was the first of its kind. When Silvanus and Corellon began competing on who could make the best fey, Corellon made the mistake of expending all of his powers of creation while siphoning energy from Kriav's Cube. This caused the Cube of Arcane to break-down, until finally collapsing upon itself. On 19 Bloom 1301 DE, the Cube's collapse unleashed all of its arcane energy upon Kriav, forever changing the creatures of the world around it. Magical energies infused the land, weather, denizens, and everything else. Nearly everything acquired some magical trait.

One of the things created from the Cube Collapse on Kriav are Feywild Fuses. These magical gateways, inter-system rifts, are used to move between the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav.

The first Satyr came about on Kriav. Legend has it that they were originally Kriavian Elves, magically changed when Kriav's Cube of Arcane exploded.

The Cube Collapse on Kriav is also believed to have affected the Tungesti. Once only home to Kriav, they became a magic resistant people with a barbaric temperament that has remained unchanged as others around them have become more civilized. One tribe of Tungesti also suffered like those changed into satyr, becoming fused with their horses, creating the realm's first centaurs.