Cube Collapse

Kriav's Cube just before implosion
Period19 Bloom 1301 DE

During the Creation of the world of Kriav, the Grand Arcanes went to work forging a device to draw arcane power from the Web of Magic. The first of its type, a massive object, this Cube of Arcane was built to accelerate the process of making worlds and stocking them. It was a also a shield against the use of rifts to enter a world from another world.

On Kriav, Silvanus and Corellon often competed on who could make the best fey. Out of carelessness, Corellon made the mistake of expending all of his powers of Creation while drawing from from Kriav's Cube of Arcane. This damaged the Cube's integrity, resulting in its destruction. On 19 Bloom 1301 DE, it unleashed all of its arcane energy upon the world. Arcane energy infused the land, weather, denizens, and everything else. Nearly everything acquired some magical taint.

One of the things created from the Cube Collapse on Kriav are feywild fuses. Another is the birth of the Satyr. Originally Kriavfahliil, they were magically changed with the Cube Collapse.

The Cube Collapse also affected Kriav's Tungesti. They became a magic resistant people with a barbaric temperament that has remained unchanged as others around them have become more civilized. One tribe of Tungesti also suffered like those changed into satyr, becoming fused with their horses, becoming the first Centaur.