Radullu Rift

Opened9 Bliss 1688 DE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the primordial Sarseg bored a hole in The Weave, opening a rift between the worlds Throndar and Bal-Kriav. A rogue weave spider, Sarseg had intricate knowledge of The Weave and how to counter the repairing effort that would soon follow; his former kindred, weave spiders with the sole purpose of keeping The Weave intact. Sarseg surrounded the rift with an area of dead magic, making it irreparable. Fighting on the side of the primordials, the rift was used to mount attacks on the Covenant position at Achamâz.

When the Covenant learned the rift was permanent, they looked for ways to block it. After interrogating some prisoners, Lukoon learned that the other side of the rift was on the planet Throndar. The Nawirrûs Covenant tasked Silvanus and his army with the job of finding a way to block the rift from the other side. Thanks to Sarseg's overconfidence, the other side was lightly defended. Silvanus and his Hedge Legion used their druidic magic to create earthquakes in the hills between the rift opening and a great freshwater sea on Throndar. This created a gap in the hills, quickly submerging the rift under 300' of water.

This was an ecological disaster in the making, but a sacrifice must be made, for to do nothing could lead to the loss of both worlds. In another time, I will find a way to feed the water back to Throndar.

- Silvanus, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Flooding the Radullu Rift"

The side effect of flooding the Radullu Rift had wide reaching consequences. On Bal-Kriav, still linked by rift with the world of Throndar, the plateau lake Radullu was born. As it overflowed, it quadrupled the size of Lake Orukhan. Lands to the south would become wetlands from the great volume of water coming through this rift. These changes, the Radullu Creep turned much of sectors Ara'phis and Chen'gom into wetlands.

In a Scroll of Dawn, Silvanus says that he would repair the damage caused by flooding the rift. His first attempt, with the help of a primordial, produced the area known as God Folley. One of the more successful containment measures is Tara-Har. The Nature Protectorate of the Troll Bogs, Boglin, claims that there is another rift that draws water back to whence it came. She has never told anyone of its location and no other has found it.