the chichimec Hon'palos
WorldSavadire (Abyss)
RaceAbomination (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic neutral

For nearly two thousand years of the Creation War, Hon'palos served as a loyal minion to Storralk. After proving himself in many battles, Storaralk used his power of creation to promote him to a higher form. Hon'palos was changed from being a chichimec into a monstrous abomination worm. Hon'palos was forever bitter with the change, since now that he was grounded, he did not have the same tactical advantage over land-based foes. This led to a falling out between the two with Hon'palos burrowing deep into the Step of Foudation. In the Underdark of this world, he created many progeny - worms of all types, both small and large. One particular lot of primordial sand worms was delivered to Bal-Kriav's desert Sands of Hell. These creatures were so disruptive that they separated a large force of workers from Storralk. These workers were the Dezellâm and now that they were free of the whip and their overseers, went into hiding for the rest of the Creation War and actually did everything they could to stay out of sight of both primordials and their angelic adversaries.

One of the largest worm spawns of Hon'palos was the purple worm Krephus. This specimen was the largest of its kind, one that could only get as massive as it did by living in the entropy of Chaos. Hon'palos sought to use Krephus's many offspring as war chariots and siege engines in his war with Storralk. He captured all of them and sent them off to fight the minions of his archenemy in the Morte'lumin War. Even though of rather dim-wit, Krephus's maternal instincts overcame her fear of Hon'palos. She found a way to escape Hon'palos by boring through a rupture in the Web of Magic to her new home, the world Bal-Kriav.

When Krephus came through, five weave spiders were riding her, each attacking it as a threat to the Weave. To Krephus, these must have felt like mosquitoes.

- unknown, from Hirstyr Signir - "Path of Krephus"

With an insatiable yearning to burrow, Krephus pierced Zythess and went deep into the Underdark. In her wake she left the bore hole Krephus Sink and a debris field on the surface that became known as the desert Chen'ryon.

With the loss of Krephus's future broods, Hon'palos was defeated by Storralk's forces. Like Krephus, he found a way off the Step of Foundation. He used one of the elemental energy conduits that fed energy into the newly forming worlds of Piranoths Steps.

In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), Hon'palos joined forces with Demogorgon. Hon'palos intelligence on Storaralk was such that the two were able to track him down in under a month and defeat him. Hon'palos left Demogorgon's service after the Abyssal Release. He took the world Savadire as his new domain. It is said that he spends most of his time working on a alchemical solution that can reverse what Storralk did to him. This has led to him becoming a master of alchemy, source for new potions, and copies of his alchemy books in libraries and labs across the realm. He has also been known to abduct skilled alchemists for their knowledge and help with coming up with new concoctions that may help him return to being a chichimec.