Creation18 Hollow 7915 DE

In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), the Primordials looked for ways to combat the growing numbers of demons ravaging the worlds of Piranoths Steps. Seeing insects as fast multipliers, the primordial lord Beldileck created a sentient praying mantis the height of a warhorse. Named Thri-kreen, it was the progenitor of a new race.

In the war against the demons, the thri-kreen proved very useful at keeping at range, showering their demon foes while hardier elements moved in for the kill. With their natural camouflage, these thri-kreen units were consummate ambushers. Though sentient, the bug mindset was still in them, with long hunts leading to units disappearing for months until they had sated their desire to hunt. Not surprisingly, the demons got a hold of some as did the Covenant. They became the prototypes for their own works of Creation. Those that ended up with the demons, with long exposure to the Threads of Damnation, warped into things more wicked and destructive, becoming the first Chasme.

There were three paths for those captured by the Covenant. Some were relocated to the worlds of the Mortal Systems, some were advanced upon, at least that is what Semuanya will say of his Auhtai creations. When Asmodeus became a Fallen Angel, a thri-kreen unit very loyal to him, accompanying their great leader to Nessus. Like those trapped on the worlds of Piranoths Steps, those that went with Asmodeus were changed by the fabric of their new home worlds, becoming the Gelugon.

Racial Traits
Racial as thri-kreen
Lifespan 30 years
Height 7 feet