RaceGreen Dragon (Legendary, Dracolich)
TitleThe First Dracolich
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born19 Dreamer 1454 DE

Shortly after the formation and stabilization of Sphere 411, Bruh Kreniik put a young green dragon named Hurguulich in a region that would one day become known as the Aerie of Dragons. He was one of many other young dragons of different colors, put here as a defense against the primordials.

Hurguulich was extremely intelligent and cunning, such that she became one of the mightiest green dragons of the Dawn Era. In the Creation War, she became the leader of all the dragons of the Aerie. She kept the primordials and angelic forces out of this region and even schemed to take on whoever proved victors of the war, hoping that they would be weakened from the conflict. Her designs were interrupted when Maen Grirngrim came to the region and started capturing dragons for use in his necromantic experiments. Hurguulich attacked the chaos archons and other primordial minions but could never make much headway against their seemingly endless numbers. She was ultimately duped into meeting with Maen Grirngrim, convinced by a master diplomat named Rilthang. At this meeting, she was incapacitated with a gas composed of primordial essence and then bound. Maen Grirngrim then used his necromantic skills to turn her into the first dracolich; up until this point she was aligned chaotic neutral.

As a dracolich, Hurguulich proved to be very difficult to control. Her great power and heightened mental prowess made her a constant threat to Maen Grirngrim and his minions. She knew that she was under the control of her creator, yet cunningly found ways in the logic of his rules which allowed her to bring harm on his minions while at the same time keeping to the wording of what she could and could not do. When the Golden Seven did battle with Maen Grirngrim, they did it against a primordial with only the remnants of his army. Hurguulich had strung out his army over fifty miles with her magic and deadly clouds of poisonous vapor. By the time they arrived to the battle site, they came disorganized and in small groups and became easy pickings for the army of the Golden Seven.

Hurguulich was never seen again after the death of Maen Grirngrim. The Golden Seven, angels, and even the gods searched far and wide across Bal-Kriav, but found no trace of her. In the Second Epoch, Drog'paagol found a powerful source of necromantic energy in an ancient dragon burial ground. Drog'paagol employed an army of ghouls, ghasts and grave golems to excavate an area of Viing Qeth. He left the place with dozens of mottled green and black scales. These are said to have come off Hurguulich while she fought to free herself from the clutches of Maen Grirngrim.

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