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Naratyr is the capital city of the demon lord Orcus. It is sited in a bleak and desolate world called Thanatos.

Naratyr is very old, dating to even before the rise of Orcus. In the Dawn Era, it served as the hold of a primordial named Gabin Kûn. This twisted, depraved, seemingly idiot son of Piranoth was too much for his father and brothers to handle, so they sent him far off to one of the remote worlds of Piranoths Steps. On Thanatos, he was tasked with building a great forge for the "coming conflict"; this being Piranoth premonition of the coming Creation War between the primordials and the Creationists. Their intent was to keep him busy, and other nut-cases like him, out of the affairs of Piranoth, but mostly out of the affairs of rival primordials that might not be so forgiving.

The fortress of Naratyr rose up around the numerous forges and supporting structures that Gabin Kûn and his minions haphazardly built. These minions, the disturbed undoubtedly cast-away stock of primordial creation, built such a crazed assortment of structures and forges that structural collapses were common. A month did not go by without something falling down. After collapse, these ruins became the lairs of the crazed or those that preyed on the workers at Naratyr. Sometimes, they were scavenged for materials for another place under construction, with the junk and useless debris cast off into the great rift below Naratyr. Today, part of this rift is strewn with a jumbled debris field some five mile long and the breadth of the rift. When the winds blow, which is more common than not, through the rift Hanatrarg, the sounds of creaking timbers is made even more harrowing as it blows through channels in the latticework of junk. This howling is often picked up by abyssal hounds making the entire affair nerve-wracking to both mortal and immortal denizens of Naratyr.

In the Demon Spawn War, the fortress grew to be a city from all the war activity feeding Orcus's invasion of the Aerie of Dragons.

Notable Areas
  • Berronihx
  • Corkathar - one of the six great forges of Naratyr
  • Hanatrarg
  • Perversion - a lake that corrupts souls, turning them to chaotic evil alignment
  • Tahaldril Vats - one of the six great forges of Naratyr