Anaz Rift

Opened7 Hollow 6404 DE

The Anaz Rift was opened in the Dawn Era by the primordial Beldileck. This rift is an intra-system link between Marragh's moon Bingatho and the world Bal-Kriav. On this latter world, the rift is in the Underdark region Unaraggumak. It was opened during the Creation War, not as a road to war, which it was only used once by a primordial hydra named Bryakus, but for its lingering effects. It was an experiment by its creator to see if the energies of one world would affect another world. The Anaz Rift is still open. Its has had a great impact on the environment around it. The out-of-place jungle Goldarah, in the temperate lands of the Clans region, is a product of this rift.

The mouth of this rift is deep inside the volcano-like mountain Anaz. Instead of lava, this mountain spews steam, moisture, and hot water up its cone. Over thousands of years, it turned the valley around it into a jungle.

Cultists of Cheldremn claim that the Lith-Crillion of Tubedellâm studied the Anaz Rift and used what they learn when enchanting the Pyramid of Nature. Namely the Pyramid's power to greatly enhance an environment suiting those controlling the Pyramid of Nature. For the Cheldremn, and their Angrod benefactors, this has come in the form of the Tendrils and Taurquion's ever-expanding woodlands.

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