Atlas closing a rift
CategoryHigher Powers
WorldHeddvidi (Nirvana)
Raceprime titan
Alignmentlawful neutral
Symbolmassive fist
DomainCompetition, Courage, Law, Strength
Born9 Hollow 1511 DE
Godhood16 Saunas 919 LE

Atlas was created by a Sphere Creationist named Benevolence. A towering and super-strong humanoid, what became classed as a prime titan, Atlas was tasked as lord protector of the great citadel Suldaan Mithil.

On the side of both Covenants, Atlas fought in both the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) and the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE).

On 19 Bloom 8975 GE, with the powers of a Sentient Creationist, Atlas created the Goliath race. Though much smaller, they look remarkably like their creator. For most of the God Era, the Goliath were tasked with guarding and maintaining the primordial prisons of Denerra; the fear being that the demons invading Bal-Kriav might release these ancient dreadnoughts.

Arcana and Atlas fell in love during the later years of the Dawn Era. This led the daughter Polyxo and their son Gortun. When Gortun was killed in the Creation War, Arcana blamed Atlas for this death. Atlas was unable to convince Arcana that their son died doing his duty, so the two gods went their separate ways. They came back together for a brief time and helped to build a monument for their son. This place is called Gortuns Rock. Gortun is said to be buried beneath this ancient bastion.

On 16 Kindle 9252 GE, he finished forging chains to bind the trapped primordial Kerath. These chains became known as the Kerath Anchors.

Atlas's power has risen and fallen many times over the epochs. During the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), Atlas made the decision to stay behind in the Mortal Systems. A celestial hero of both the Dawn and Demon Spawn War, he gave up his powers of Creation, becoming a mere mortal. While most of the Covenant leaders and celestial forces made for their home systems, he stayed behind to defend the people and help them build their civilizations. In the first century of the Lith-Crillion Era, he became a legend. His feats of strength and aid to others became bard tales, and written about in many culture's histories.

In 888 LE, he got reports of a possible desecration of Mizzen's waters. He left the coasts of what was then called Phiyel, then unaided by magic, swam south across the Pearl Sea; a feat that has never been repeated by a humanoid. Word of this spread, adding to an already long list of his feats. In the Jakorek mountains, he rallied the storm giants for a war against the Lith-Crillion based out of the Pyramid of Anti-Life. This was not the first war that he fought with these people. He had been fighting them for centuries in many regions. He saw them as an elitist people who treated those around them as things to be observed and studied, and if they wanted to investigate some relic or area from ages past, they were not above subterfuge or force.

In the Battle of Nedullu, Atlas was grievously wounded, falling backward into the lake the battle was named for. Sinking its teeth into his shoulder, a dragon under the influence of the Lith-Crillion pulled him deeper into the lake. In the dark depths of Nedullu, this dragon finished off Atlas. His last struggle was him strangling the attacker while his own life ebbed away. On the surface, the battle raged another day, with the Lith-Crillion finally falling back. Word spread of Atlas's death, across regions distant and near, monuments were raised to him, shrines glorified. His influence, the beginnings of his divine power, were such that a year after his death, he was resurrected by a group of storm giants. Instead of rising alongside them as a fellow mortal, he rose up as a Higher Power on the world Heddvidi.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Atlas lost many worshipers and churches. When the Farinteen Empire fell, his churches were outlawed across all lands under the yoke of the Black Tide. At the time, this empire had the largest militant church of Atlas on Brucrumus. This church was built and staffed by priests who came from the Giff League. The military branch of this church was led by the Sinews of Atlas. In Year 1504, this order's chapter on Bal-Kriav were nearly wiped out in the final days of the Battle for Vraga Moltus. As a result of this purge of his places of worship, he when from being a Greater power; becoming a Lesser power.

Today, Atlas's greatest worshipper base can be found on the world Marragh. Outside of this world, Atlas worship is more widespread rather than concentrated in any one region. Thanks to Giff missionaries, his worship is slowly recovering on Bal-Kriav.

From time to time, Atlas will give his blessing to an item of great renown. One such item is the Shield of Thular-Tûr.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Giff LeagueImongrarg
HelSinews of Atlas
Ivory AsylumSôldanguk
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Matching Strengthif an opponent has a higher strength than him, then his strength increases temporarily to match it
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Boon of Strength+1 divine strength bonusnone
Boon of Greater Strength+3 divine strength bonus5th lvl or higher priests